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March 20, 2011

Random Photo of the Day 24: Switzerland

Me posing in front of The Matterhorn, the Swiss Alps, July 2004. The first time I’ve ever had altitude sickness – which is odd given that I’m from New Zealand. When you’re young you can put up with nearly anything I guess…

February 17, 2011

Random Photo of the Day: No. 1

Today I’m starting a new feature: Random Photo of the Day.

Before my twins were born (or ‘BJ’ as I call it)* I’d travelled quite a bit, both home & abroad, & have taken lots of photos: as you do. I’m adding to my digital archive regularly as I gradually convert all my old 35mm photos.

So every day, selected as randomly as possible, I’ll post a photo from my collection & describe it briefly. If I can remember it!

Today’s is from Switzerland, from a visit in July 2004. Unfortunately I don’t remember the city: probably Berne , Zürich or Geneva. I was struck by its beautiful & quite unusual architecture.

This is detail of an archway & balcony above a doorway of one of the buildings there.

* See my Dad blog ‘Whiskey for Aftershave’