Random Photo of the Day 18 / The Gallery: Lonesome (in Galapagos)

This post is also for Tara Cain’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers. 2 for the price of 1! Well, we are having to economise these days…

I’d set myself a bit of a challenge with this. I’d decided that whatever came up using my usual random selection method I would use for the Gallery, the theme of which this week is “One Word”. It could have been tough, but when I saw the photo that came up I was delighted. I knew immediately what my one word was:


Meet George.

Or more correctly, Lonesome George.

He lives in his own enclosure in the Charles Darwin Research Centre in Santa Cruz, one of the Galapagos Islands.

Why ‘Lonesome’? Because he is truly the last of his kind, the last remaining Pinta Galapagos Giant Tortoise: the world’s rarest animal.

In the 19th century whalers & sealers used the tortoises as a food source: they could live up to year without food or water so seemed perfect for long journeys at sea. Also, in the 1950s goats were released onto his island of Pinta, also as a food source. They then out-competed the slow-moving tortoises for their food, & also caused much erosion.

When he was found alone on the island by National Park Wardens hunting goats it was decided to take him to the safety of the Research Centre.

There are many other different types of giant tortoise there, including many lovely ladies. In trying to continue his species the staff there are only too keen to set George up with any lovely lady of his choosing, setting the ambience, choosing the finest cuisine to set the mood for lurve. You would think that this would be a gentleman bachelor tortoise’s paradise, but apparently not. He’s just not interested.

Very unpleasant things have been done to his private parts. Ladies skilled in the Art of Lurve have been brought in to attempt to, um, engage his interest. I kid you not! All to no avail.

I wonder if it’s occurred to anyone that he might prefer the company of gentleman tortoises: must be worth a try, surely?

Personally I wonder if it’s just time to just leave the poor old fella alone & let him live out the rest of his life with all the food, drink & shelter he could ever need. He’s probably had a tough old life, he’s in his 70s; isn’t it time for a rest?

So for now, he’s still Lonesome George, the last of his kind – & looks like staying that way.

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5 Responses to “Random Photo of the Day 18 / The Gallery: Lonesome (in Galapagos)”

  1. Oh my. I love him! What an amazing sight! When OH and I got married we were so lucky to see a giant sea turtle come on to the beach and lay her eggs! It was something I’ll never forget!

  2. Such a shame that he is the only one of his kind. I think that your right though he might be interested in something more male lol.


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