The Gallery: Sparkle

Austria: Fuschl-am-See, near Salzburg, July 2007.

The evening of a stormy day, now still & warm. Relaxing with good company & good wine in the hotel’s lakeside bar / restaurant.

The Sun sinks slowly towards the jagged horizon formed by the nearby hills & mountains. Fishermen try their luck in the gathering dusk as a golden glow gradually fills the sky. The reflected sunlight turns the lake to liquid gold, sparkling like C-Beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate*.

I need a holiday (sigh)

click to enlarge

Lots more sparkly photos & prose over at Tara Cain’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers: why not have a look

* film reference. Name it & you’ll have made a new friend 🙂

4 Comments to “The Gallery: Sparkle”

  1. Wow that is absolutely stunning.
    Love that you’ve taken the sparkle theme down a different route.
    Lovely x

  2. What a beautiful picture!

    Is the film reference, Blade Runner?

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