The Gallery: Black & White

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These photo’s were taken in January this year, during the Big Freeze (obviously).

At midnight.

I took them, & many others in the garden that night,  on a standard point & shoot digital camera. Using only available light. There is *no* retouching, photoshopping, tweaking of any kind, apart from the watermark.

The light was Freakish. I don’t know if there was a full moon, or if the Council had turned all the street lights up just for a laugh, or if aliens were trying to see their way to a landing strip. Maybe the heavy snow was reflecting the moonlight, street lights & house lights, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’d never seen anything like it, nor have I since.

Very Spooky!


5 Responses to “The Gallery: Black & White”

  1. Oh wow I love those photos. They do look like something extra terrestrial don’t they? Really interesting images 🙂

  2. The light does look unnatural. I remember when we had a massive snow fall last December in the evening. the light then was very orange.

  3. Ooooh it looks like Narnia! Where’s Aslan and the white witch? 🙂


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