My wife & I are not an ordinary couple, thankfully.

So when we married, we couldn’t see the point of just  honeymooning on a sunny beach. For a special time we wanted a special holiday!

So instead we did a cruise around the Galapagos Islands, spent a night in Lake Titicaca, climbed the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, then stayed in the Amazon Jungle.

I got mugged & had my wallet & passport stolen in Cuzco, had a nightmare getting a temporary passport from the bureaucrats in Lima, nearly missing my flight back, got very sick from the cold & the altitude in Titicaca such that I thought I’d have to pull out of the Inca Trail climb – but I wouldn’t change it for anything else! Absolutely loved it.

So when I saw Tara Cain’s Gallery theme this week was ‘Creatures’ I immediately thought of the Galapagos & the amazing wildlife we saw there.

I’m sorry, but I found it impossible to  select just 1 single image so here’s a few (click any image to enlarge):

2 Sally Lightfoot Crabs having a neighbourhood dispute

A Galapagos Finch: instrumental in Darwin formulating his Theory of Evolution

"So - have another branch dear - you would not believe what I heard from that Doris next door..." Coffee morning, Galapagos Tortoise-style

Pretty Flamingoes

A Magnificent Frigate Bird in flight

A friendly local Sea-Lion tries to tell the stupid tourists that they're going the wrong way

An 'iggy pile': Galapagos Marine Iguana huddling together for warmth

Albatross mating ritual

"What are you looking at?!" I think they're Falcons

Galapagos Land Iguana

An unknown bird (possibly a Finch) in flight

A Pelican surveying the seas, considering the vastness of the Universe & pondering the great mysteries of Life. Or maybe just looking for fish

Nesting male Magnificent Frigate Birds displaying to attract passing females

A Blue-Footed Booby

Booby chicks

And maybe the most amazing Creature of all:

I am Man; and I am being Silly

6 Comments to “Creatures”

  1. Brilliant photos I love the turtles and flamingo ones the best! I would love to visit there,it must have been an amazing experience 🙂

  2. They are all great, my favourite is the turtle one. It really does look like they are having a gossip lol.

  3. That is a dream vacation – great photos – especially the tortoises (tho the finch is a bit special too!)

  4. awesome photos. I love the tortoises 🙂

  5. Wow… talk about a once in a life time holiday!!

    That sounds like the most amazing honeymoon ever! Such experiences to view and share together… those memories shall last forever for you to share

    AMAZING creatures.

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